Farm & Career Mentors

Grow your agricultural knowledge and experience with these ag professionals


The AG Leaders Farm & Career Mentor Team is a group of experienced individuals available to connect with Farm Bureau youth, collegiate students and Young Farmers & Ranchers to support their growth and encourage their success by sharing real-world knowledge and experiences.  

Why participate?

  • Work with a mentor who relates to your specific interests
  • Set your own pace
  • Grow your network
  • Learn from the farm and/or career experiences of others
  • Inquire about involvement in Farm Bureau
  • Build lasting relationships


  1. Review the profiles of available mentors 
  2. Choose who you would like to be matched with
  3. Fill out the "Connect to a Mentor” form
  4. Receive an email or text from SCFB staff connecting you with your match
  5. Personally connect with your mentor
  1. SC Farm Bureau’s role in the Farm & Career Mentor program is to facilitate connections between those seeking a mentor and those willing to share their life experiences. Mentors' thoughts & ideas are independent of SC Farm Bureau and do not directly reflect the beliefs and/or policy of SC Farm Bureau.
  2. This program is intended to facilitate connections over phone, email, text, or virtual meeting platforms. If mentors/mentees choose to meet in person, it is an independent decision and activity unrelated to this program and SC Farm Bureau is not liable.


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